De Groningse Onderstroom

Will you join us on Saturday the 21st of January 2023?
Together we make the city, together we dance through the city!

Demonstrate, protest and dance for the importance of free spaces in the city of Groningen!

During this demo parade through the city we stand up together for the importance of free, non-commercial spaces. Spaces where artists, musicians and other creatives have the freedom to experiment and evolve. Free spaces where culture is accessible for everyone, whatever your income or background.

Many bands and artists start out in places like these free spaces. In order for them to start and keep on developing, these spaces without financial pressure are invaluable. That’s why we demonstrate during Eurosonic/Noorderslag where upcoming musical talent is being celebrated. Unfortunately this big event is not accessible due to its high ticket prices. Luckily there are many cool events organised around this festival, which are free of charge.

On January 21st, during Noorderslag specifically, it is important to acknowledge the foundation on which new talent can grow, and on which we can build a lively, charismatic city: free spaces, affordable ateliers and places for musicians to rehearse in non-commercial spaces, affordable housing and consideration for these things when enforcing the squatting policy!

De Groningse Onderstroom advocates for the importance of free spaces. These spaces are needed for meaningful initiatives without commercial interests, and in order to keep music, art and culture accessible to everyone. This is why we come together with different initiatives to demonstrate on Saturday January 21st. 

We can’t organise this demonstration without support. Feel like helping out? Register to help as a volunteer here!

Would you like to come to represent a non-commercial music or art initiative? Register here before January 8th!

Do you know people who should join the demo? Invite them and spread the word!