Although we are not a commercial organization, to organize a
demonstration like this we do need money. We need money for
traffic supervision, our website, printing posters and more. Help us
by donating below.

You can also transfer an amount directly to the bank account of Het
Zwarte Gat: NL41 TRIO 0391 0365 64 in name of “Solidarity Fund Het Zwarte Gat”, with reference to Groningse Onderstroom.

Het Zwarte Gat is a solidarity fund for the northern provinces (Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe) that supports actions against inequality, repression and hierarchy. This also applies to the Groningse Onderstroom. The Why Donate for the Groningse Onderstroom is linked to the bank account of the Zwarte Gat, your donation will be used for the costs of organizing the demonstration.

Do you know that you can also become a donor to the Zwarte Gat yourself? In this way, you will also have the option to submit requests for support during campaigns. Take a look at for more information!