Register initiative

Does your initiative want to join our colorful demo parade right
through the city of Groningen by car, bike, or walking? Do you want
to show the importance of free spaces together? Awesome!
On this page you can sign up with your vehicle or initiative before
the 6th of January. We will confirm whether you can participate
before the 10th of January.

Would you like to help with the demonstration? Sign up as a
You are welcome to send us a message through the contact form at
any time.

-Make sure your vehicle is allowed to drive on the public road! There
is a technical inspection before departure.
-every initiative or vehicle needs a minimum of four volunteers,
walking next to the vehicle during the demonstration.

What is the name of your organization?
Who is your contact person?
What is the email address of this person?
And their phone number?
Why do you want to participate?
What kind of vehicle will you bring?
What are the sizes of this vehicle?
Width (in meters)
Length (in meters)
What kind of decoration is on your vehicle?

What kind of program will you be adding? (for example: art, live
music, sound systems, theatre)
How many volunteers do you bring?